Wednesday……… November 25, 2009

Wednesday morning, I need to go to DWU hospital to get my pop smear result and have it read to my ob-gyne. Well, the result was negative, everything is OK. But still my ob-gyne is not yet convince because I’m still having a profuse bleeding after all the medicines I took and the examinations I did. So my ob-gyne decided to have an urgent dilation and curretage with hysteroscopy, on that day. I tried to talk my doctor if we can reschedule it on Thursday because I’m still busy with my business. So we had our schedule for DNC on thursday afternoon. Wednesday evening, around 10 in the evening, I received a phone call from my ob-gyne if I can be admitted in the hospital on that night, so that I’ll be injected with hemostan medicine (to stop my bleeding) for faster medication than taking it by orally.

THURSDAY…….morning. When I woke up, I’ve been asking the nurse if what time will be my operation. I’m so nervous because I might have mayoma or tumor inside my uterus that causes my profuse bleeding.  About 4 in the afternoon, the OR nurse came into my room because they’re going to bring me to the Operating room. While I’m on my way to the OR, i was praying to GOD that i hope my operation will be ok. When I arrived inside the OR, i can’t help my tears from falling because I’m so nervous. I don’t have any idea what will happen during my DNC. Before the operation started, my ob-gyne had a prayer for my successful operation. My anesthesiology came and talked to me regarding with my medical background. And finally, she started to inject an anesthestia at my spinal. My legs started to fell numbness and my ob-gyne started the hysteroscopy. I saw everything inside my uterus, thank GOD that nothing was found inside of it but some blood due to my bleeding. And my ob-gyne started the DNC. But my hands are shaking, my anesthesiology gave me an oxygen. I thought that would be last breathe. The operation took about 30 minutes. The specimens she got from uterus was undergo for biopsy. Now, I’m still waiting for my result from the biopsy. THANK GOD that my operation was successful. But still I’m nervous, because maybe the result of my biopsy is malignant. I hope, it’s not! Now, I’m not yet ok, I can still feel the pain in my abdomenal area, but the bleeding stopped already.

LORD, thank you for helping me during my operation. Thank you for the  successful operation. I know your always there for me. Thank You for giving me another life.


i’m gonna miss you all……. =(

I don’t know how will I start this blog? 😦 okey, Last November 9, 2009, I just started my training in APAC. I’m so nervous, I don’t know who will be my co-trainees and who will be a trainer?! First day of my work, I’M LATE… tsk tsk. manong, your so bad evah!!!!!

I met new people again. I thought I won’t be enjoying my training, because I know myself that I’m so choosy when it comes to friends and everything. As days gone by, I enjoyed with my new group……………………………………………….


October 2, 2009 (Friday)

I had my monthly period, my flow end up after 4 to 5 days.

October 13, 2009 (Tuesday)

When I woke up early in the morning, I found out that there was a blood stain in the toilet bowl. I just thought that my sister used the toilet before me. About 2 o’clock in the afternoon, I was in APAC for my contract signing. I went to the comfort room, I saw the toilet bowl was with some blood and I check my panty liner that there was a small amount of blood in it. So I tried to call my doctor, because it was really unusual thing that had happend into my life. My doctor told me to have an ultrasound with my ovaries and go to her clinic to check the result.

October 14, 2009 (Wednesday)

I went to her clinic to see my doctor, she found out that there was something wrong with my uterus lining due to stress and it would cause to infertility. I’m thankful that nothing was wrong with my ovaries, everything is normal aside from my uterus lining.  She gave me some medicines. After few days my menstrual flow stopped. And I thanked GOD that it stopped. After a week, I had a blood spotting again, I was afraid because it’s really unusual for me. But still, I continue taking my medicines. Until November 9, my first day of work, I ‘m still having a bleeding, but sad to say I had a very very heavy flow. Imagine, I used 2 over night napkins and 1 diaper, but blood was so full. On my 2nd day of my work, I had no choice but to be absent from my work, I need to see my doctor again, because it’s really unusual. She tried to change my medicines. But still my bleeding was still on going. Last Thursday, November 19, 2009. I tried to talked to my trainer, I need to be absent for 2 days because I need to go to Cebu to my see another doctor to ask for 2nd opinion. Sad to say, the cause of my bleeding was really stress. I was mentally and physically stress. She gave me an advise to have a rest for 2 to 3 months. I had no choice but to submit my resignation letter. I need to follow my doctor’s advice. =( I was sad because I was already enjoying with my new co-trainees, Daniel, Fej, Rainold, Sig and Ate Tes and so on……… They we’re my smoking buddies.

I would like to Thank sir Jonas for being one of the best trainer I ever met. you we’re really cool. I had fun with your training.


we will meet again. im sure….. take good care of yourself guys. don’t give up. i know you can really make it. I’m gonna miss the fun we had during our break time.

to my co-trainees…….

good luck.

christmas vacation?????

wew!!!! Christmas is near. 36 days to go before Christmas. =) I can feel it. The nights are already cold. Everyone can see that we had a shorter day and longer night. =) I can’t wait for Christmas. Everyone in our family is coming to town from different places such from Manila, Cebu and China. ohhh, I’m also excited for the gifts. lol =)

Since I was a kid, we always have a family dinner in our house on the 24th of December. (my father’s side) My uncles and aunties would gave us cash as their gift for us. We also play games for everyone. Like trip to Jerusalem, drinking softdrinks, eating apple, etc. We also have exchange gift and a raffle draw. And the prizes are really nice, such as cellphones, laptop notebooks and cameras. sounds great huh?!

Anyway, for this Christmas I’m planning to celebrate it on my own, like going out of town. cheezy?! Maybe I’ll be in Baguio or in Manila. My first choice is really in Baguio, because I think it’s really nice to celebrate your Christmas in Baguio. Actually, maybe my 2 friends are coming with me. They also want to spent their Christmas in Baguio. Outside from Tacloban. Away from our family and friends. lol. And I’m quite sure the weather in Baguio will be very cold during Christmas. At least, you can imagine that your in the states. huwow!!!!! But I don’t know if we still continue our plan spending our Christmas in Baguio. =( =( =( ooooppps!!!! i wanna say bye bye!!!! im quite tired.


MERRY CHRISTMAS in ADVANCE…. Don’t forget my gift everyone. =) =) =)

you can send your gifts at this address: lol

c/o Your Home Pensionne

Lopez Jaena Street, Tacloban City




               Oh well, oh well. My full name is Genevieve Cuenza Dy. I’m 24 years old. I was born on March 7, 1985 in Tacloban City. I’m SINGLE but NOT AVAILABLE. =) I’m the youngest among the three (3) siblings. In the family, we’re 2 girls and 1 boy. I studied in Sacred Heart School from elementary to highschool. After I graduated, I studied in Centro Escolar University (CEU), Mendiola, Manila, taking up BS Tourism. After few months, my dad decided to continue my studies here in Tacloban City. So I enrolled at Remedios Trinidad Romualdez Medical Foundation (RTRMF), taking up BS Medical Technolgy. But still, I don’t like that course, I still want my Toursim course. So I stopped again and enrolled at ABE International School of Business and Accountancy. After a few months, I transferred to University of San Jose Recoletos, Cebu.  I’m an undergraduate student. I didn’t pursue to finish my studies coz I know after I graduated, I’ll be working in our family business which is the rice mill and the pensi0nne house. During vacations, I’m working in our rice mill. In year 2006, my dad decided to put up a pensionne house business. I worked there for more than 3 years. I’m one of the supervising personnel. When I heard about the APAC call center had put up a site here in Leyte, I tried to applied and fortunately, they hired me as a CSR. Now, I’m a trainee. I would like to thank my dad for allowing me to work in other company. =) =)

                Anyway, I’m an athlete. I’m a volleyball varsity player for Tacloban team. I’m also a frustrated swimmer. =(=(=( Well, I started playing volleyball when I was in 1st year highschool, when  my coach saw me that I had the potential for this sports. I didn’t expected that I would be a varsity player in our school because I really love swimming and I didn’t take it seriuosly during our training until I found the LOVE in volleyball. =)=)=)  Aside from the two sports I mentioned, I know how to play billiard, badmenton, table tennis, basketball and lawn tennis. I even played once in the badmenton tournament and I got the bronze medal. Not that bad actually. =)=)=) During intramurals in our school, I also played table tennis, and I got silver medal for singles and bronze for doubles.  Oooppps! You might think that I’m a lesbian. Well, I’m a straight woman. I already have a 3 years old daughter. I’m a single mom. And relationships??? Ooppppps!!! I don’t want to say it here if how many relationships I had in my past years. It’s for me to know and for you to find out. lolz!!!!

           I also love travelling. I’ve been to some countries and some place in our country. Can you imagine, I’ll just go to Cam Sur for wakeboarding only?! I was there for only 1 day and 1 night. I even went to Lago de Oro,  Calatagan Batangas for wakeboarding also.  I love collecting fliplops, like havs and I also love bags. Guess how many bags do I have in my cabinet?! :p My favorite brands for bags are nine west, kenneth cole reaction, guess, LV, tommy hilfiger, tory burch, jane norman, dorothy perkins, XOXO, roxy and United Colors of Benetton. wew! too expensive huh?! I can’t afford to buy those brands. And it’s not practical to buy. Too expensive for things like that. lolz!!!! :p According to Chinkee Tan, buy your NEEDS but NOT your WANTS! ayt?! =) We better buy food and clothing then d0nate it to the people who really need those. We all know that there are alot of  people out there who need food and clothing. =)=)=)

             I’m a music lover person. I love RNBs’, classic song, jazz, alternative and my favorite Reggae. If I’m bored, I’ll just go to my room and listen to music. If I’m tire listening to music, I’ll go to the office and surf in the internet. Well, I won’t deny that one of my neccessity is the computer and the internet connection. I’m a techie person actually. =)=)=) I can’t leave our house or office without my cellphones. duh?! =) or shall I say, I can’t LIVE without those things. =). grrrrr. I also love watching english movies. If I’m bored with the computer, I’ll watch DVD in my home theatre. =) One of my favorite american movies is the TWILIGHT, i can’t wait to watch their second movie, the New Moon. All I know is, the movie was released in the U.S. last October. Well, I’m a simple girl with a lot of ambitions. I’m GOOD but I can be EVIL sometimes.  WATCH OUT Bebe Gerl!!!!! Oooppppssss!!!! it’s quite too long. I think I better end this blog here. I’m kinda tired. bye bye for now peeps! ciao!